Living the Premium Lifestyle

Power Couple

Hassan and Sydnee Sleiman

When Hassan Sleiman first learned about THRIVE, he was working erratic hours, alternating between day and night shifts at an automaker and guzzling six energy drinks plus four cups of coffee each day to stay alert. At the same time, Hassan watched his wife, Sydnee, drag herself from the front door to the couch every night when she returned home from her job in retail management. “She was always mentally and physically exhausted,” he says. “As a husband, it’s a hard pill to swallow to see your wife like that.”

The two were introduced to THRIVE and noticed the improvements immediately. “We both fell in love with it,” he says. Hassan was able to make it through his day without caffeine, and Sydnee suddenly felt more energetic than she’d ever felt before.

Since they were big fans of the THRIVE Experience, Hassan immediately saw a new career path for Sydnee as a Promoter, but she wasn’t so sure. “He bought me a kit and made me go to an event, but like many people, I was skeptical,” she says. “I loved the product but didn’t know if it would translate into a business opportunity.”

“Take advantage of every opportunity.”

But with Hassan’s encouragement, Sydnee became a THRIVE Promoter along with her husband, and the two came out of the gates running. “We both have very Type A personalities,” Sydnee says, “so when we signed up, we decided, ‘OK, we’re going to earn every bonus and take advantage of every opportunity.’ ”

And that’s what they did. When the two qualified for their first Lifestyle Getaway in Las Vegas and met other THRIVE Promoters whose lives had been changed, “that was a real turning point,” Hassan says. “That’s when we knew this thing was for real.”

Soon, the two found out she was pregnant with their son, and they kept their eye on the prize. Hassan hit his 200K VIP, and Sydnee left her retail management job to be a full-time THRIVER. Eventually, Hassan left his job at an automaker, and now the two say they are living the life of their dreams.

In their first several months as Promoters, the couple “sacrificed a lot of time with family and friends” in order to build their business, according to Sydnee.

But “the trade-off has been amazing,” she says. Not only has the duo been able to gain freedom over their time, but they’ve also built a strong bond with their team members.

“It’s been a privilege and a blessing to be part of the THRIVE culture,” Hassan says. Often, the Sleimans invite team members to their home for training sessions and meetings. “Our team feels like surrogate parents and sisters and brothers,” he says. “They are all part of our family.”

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