Living the Premium Lifestyle

The Power Couple

Brooke and Cole Wadsworth are on a mission to stay fit and healthy, and are bringing along others for the ride.

Many people slow down as they age. Brooke Wadsworth and her husband, Cole, are doing exactly the opposite. Both in their 30s, the husband-wife team is more active than they ever have been. Cole is a two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor who recently was selected by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to compete on The Titan Games. Brooke is a busy mom who raises and trains sport horses and races motorcycles. 

Their secret? “All we use is THRIVE,” says Brooke, whose friend suggested she try the THRIVE Experience in 2016 after she turned 30. As a new mom,“I was looking for something to help support my metabolism,” she says. 

All my muscles now are my own – they’re not airbrushed in a magazine.”

What she didn’t expect was that the nutritional program made her feel better than she had in her 20s, when she was a bikini model for Maxim magazine. “I feel better and look better now than I did then,” says Brooke. “All my muscles now are my own – they’re not airbrushed in a magazine.” In addition, Brooke says, her hair looks better, too, so much so that she “divorced” the hair extensions she’d been relying on for years. “I can’t tell you how much money I spent on those things, and now I have my own strong, healthy hair,” she says.

Cole attributes much of his growing athletic success to THRIVE, and the two decided to share their story with others. For the first few months, Brooke says, “I was doing everything a Brand Promoter was doing, without actually being a Promoter.

“I was so excited about THRIVE and what it was doing for me that I couldn’t help but talk about it,” she says. When someone suggested she sign up to become a Promoter, she says she was initially reluctant. “I didn’t know anything about Le-Vel,” she says, “and I pictured going to a meeting where somebody was going to invite you to buy a bunch of stuff and become a millionaire.” But when Brooke learned more about the company and how its cloud-based platform allowed Promoters to work their business from anywhere, earning generous commissions, she was intrigued. She also liked the fact that becoming a Promoter would allow her to THRIVE for free.

Eventually, the Wadsworths hit the Promoter button and began sharing their journey via social media. Brooke earned a number of bonuses right at the beginning, including an iPad and her Auto Bonus in the first week. She’s now a 40K VIP and shows no signs of slowing down.

“The most fun part about being a Promoter is you don’t have to have any kind of fancy sales pitch,” she says. “You just unapologetically share your story.”

Those who follow the Wadsworths on their social media pages will hear frank accounts of how the couple is navigating their busy days. Recently, Brooke posted a number of stories on social media with the hashtag #teamnosleep when her newest baby was sick for seven days straight. “I’ll show how THRIVE is helping me in whatever I’m doing, and that really resonates with people,” she says. 

“We’re getting more fit every day,” she says, “and we are passionate about helping others do the same thing.”

The success shown in these profiles is not typical of the success, if any, a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will have.
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